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Well Empowered Nutrition is completely client focussed and we are here to help with any health or dietary issue you may be dealing with. We have a positive outlook and are motivated to assist and empower you in your wellness journey. We use scientifically proven methods in nutritional medicine to provide you genuine health solutions – and there is no problem too small or too large.

Why Are We The Best?

Our mission is to provide you with quality and effective health care.
We believe that quality healthcare is achieved not only by professional advice, but by encouragement and supportive service.
The sound and scientifically-proven treatment methods used at Well Empowered Nutrition will benefit the health of every client who is committed and persistent.

Nutrition Consultations

Begin your wellness journey today. Book your appointment to see our friendly nutritionist. You can attend in clinic or take advantage of our online services. We are an essential service and a registered COVIDSafe business.

You can expect your initial consultation to be approximately 60 minutes long as we discuss your health concerns, assess your current diet and symptoms, and establish your wellness goals.

Post consultation you will receive your personally tailored ‘WEN Treatment Protocol’ document including the following information:

  • What to eat and what not to eat, as suited to your goals, tastes, intolerances, and dietary preferences (inc. vegan and vegetarian)
  • Suitable meal and snack recommendations
  • Which nutrients and foods you ought to focus on to improve your health
  • Recommendations around kilojoule and macro intake
  • Which tests you ought to run through your GP or specialist
  • Which supplements you ought to be taking to aid your progress
  • Advice around managing hormones, mood, mental health, and emotional eating
  • How to eat to support a busy or an active lifestyle
  • How to eat to manage any known health conditions or issues
  • How to eat to support conception, pregnancy and/or breastfeeding
  • How to schedule your nutrition around your current lifestyle

Compiling this information is part of our service to you and your fee includes the hours we spend researching your particular case in order to produce this very thorough and personalised product.

Follow up consultations are not necessary, but are highly recommended. By keeping regular appointments, we can monitor your progress, adjust your treatment protocol, and continue to motivate you!

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Kilojoule Controlled Diet Plans

Diet plans by Well Empowered Nutrition are personalized and dual-option. They offer our clients a wider choice of foods by providing at least two options for every meal and snack. They are kilojoule and macro calculated according to age, sex, weight, and BMI. We design the product to suit your stated health, weight-loss, weight-gain, sports, or aesthestic goals.

Additionally, our diet plans cater to any specified tastes, allergies, intolerances, and dietary preferences (e.g. vegan/vegetarian). We will be sure to provide you only with options you’ll like and will be happy to eat. The fee even includes an optional free adjustment within 7 days of delivery to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Reasons you may wish to select this service include: weight loss; muscle building; preparing for a competition; preparing for a marathon; supporting an active lifestyle; meeting a dietary, performance, or aesthetic deadline; etc.

Upon your inquiry, we will send you our questionnaire so that we may specially tailor your plan to you.

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Fast Diet Analysis

If you have a very busy lifestyle or you’re simply a little curious about the quality of your diet, this option may be the quick and convenient solution for you.

All you need to do is let us know what you’ve been eating and drinking in a brief report. Your report will be analysed and 3-5 simple changes will be recommended to you.

This service suits anyone with minimal health concerns, and little nutrition knowledge. The greatest benefit is it’s simplicity, preventing client overwhelm. We understand that health is a journey and that for some this may be a gentler way to either a) begin, or b) gain some confidence on the way.

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Grocery Shopping Assistance

Take advantage of our mobile consultations and have Well Empowered Nutrition attend your next trip to the grocery store to help you make healthier purchases. Learn how to better read nutrition labels and make more informed choices.

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Kitchen Cleanse

Take advantage of our mobile consultations and receive a clean-eating assessment on the content of your pantry and fridge. Well Empowered Nutrition will make a ‘celebrity appearance’ in your kitchen and have a look at the foods you keep there – letting you know which ones are healthy or unhealthy, and explain to you why. Learn about sugars, additives, preservatives, packaging and proper food storage.

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Corporate & Industry Workshops

Nutritionist, Andrea Wells, is an experienced trainer and specialist in adult education. If you feel your clients or staff might benefit from nutrition education, Well Empowered Nutrition can attend your workplace or event/function. The style of education ranges from formal presentations, to more relaxed and social workshops or classes. We tailor the content to suit any theme or topic of your preference.

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