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Well Empowered Nutrition is completely client focussed and we are here to help with any health or dietary issue you may be dealing with. We have a positive outlook and are motivated to assist and empower you in your wellness journey. We use scientifically proven methods in nutritional medicine to provide you genuine health solutions – and there is no problem too small or too large.

Why Are We The Best?

Our mission is to provide you with quality and effective health care.
We believe that quality healthcare is achieved not only by professional advice, but by encouragement and supportive service.
The sound and scientifically-proven treatment methods used at Well Empowered Nutrition will benefit the health of every client who is committed and persistent.

Face-to-face Consultations

Let’s get you started on your wellness journey! Book an appointment today to see our friendly nutritionist. You can attend our clinic space or take advantage of our mobile services. (Though if you are strapped for time, you may prefer to use our online and or phone consultation services.)

The initial consultation is around 60 minutes long as we discuss your health requirements, assess your current diet and symptoms, set goals together and commence your treatment. Follow up consultations are not always necessary but are highly recommended to assess the results and are generally around 30 minutes long.

By keeping regular appointments, we can motivate you, monitor your progress, adjust your treatment protocol, and add anything additional we feel you require. Your treatment will be in stages, and we will progress as quickly as you can implement the changes and in accordance to the results we know you will achieve!

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Calorie Controlled Diet-Plans

Diet-plans by Well Empowered Nutrition are personalized and cover 14 days. Compared to many other diet-plans, they offer greater food choice with at least 2 recipe options for each meal-time.  This means you won’t be stuck eating the same things each week! They are calculated and balanced according to your goals, age, sex, weight, and BMI. Additionally, they cater to your tastes in food and as a rule will never include any foods you dislike…. Just fill out a short questionnaire so that your diet-plan can be tailored. The price includes two adjustments within 14 days and full revisions thereafter are available at $29 each ensuring 100% satisfaction.

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Fast Online Diet Analysis

If you have a very busy lifestyle or you’re simply a little curious about your diet and how you might improve it, this option may be the quick and convenient solution for you. There are only 3-5 dietary changes to implement and so it is very easy to start eating healthier sooner! All you need to do is let us know what you’ve been eating and drinking over the last 3 days in a brief survey conducted via email.

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Grocery Shopping Assistance

Take advantage of our mobile consultations and have Well Empowered Nutrition attend your next trip to the grocery store to help you make healthier purchases. Learn how to better read nutrition labels and make more informed choices.

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Kitchen Cleanse

Take advantage of our mobile consultations and receive a clean-eating assessment on the content of your pantry and fridge. Well Empowered Nutrition will make a ‘celebrity appearance’ in your kitchen and have a look at the foods you keep there – letting you know which ones are healthy or unhealthy, and explain to you why. Learn about sugars, additives, preservatives, packaging and proper food storage.

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Corporate & Industry Workshops

Nutritionist, Andrea Wells, also has her T.A.E. (Certificate IV in Training & Education) and is an experienced trainer and specialist in adult education. If you feel your clients or staff might benefit from further education in the area of nutrition, Well Empowered Nutrition can attend your workplace or event/function. The style ranges from formal presentations to more relaxed workshops, and the content can be written to fit any theme or topic you have in mind. Generally sessions run for 60-90 minutes, however can be shortened or extended to suit.

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