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Online Nutrition Consultations

Begin your wellness journey today. Book your appointment to see our friendly nutritionist via Zoom video call. We will discuss your health concerns, assess your current diet and symptoms, and establish your wellness goals. You can expect your initial consultation to be approximately 60 minutes long.

Post consultation you will receive your personally tailored ‘WEN Treatment Protocol’ document including the following information:

  • What to eat and what not to eat, as suited to your goals, tastes, intolerances, and dietary preferences (inc. vegan and vegetarian)
  • Suitable meal and snack recommendations
  • Which nutrients and foods you ought to focus on to improve your health
  • Recommendations around kilojoule and macro intake
  • Which tests you ought to run through your GP or specialist
  • Which supplements you ought to be taking to aid your progress
  • Advice around managing hormones, mood, mental health, and emotional eating
  • How to eat to support a busy or an active lifestyle
  • How to eat to manage any known health conditions or issues
  • How to eat to support conception, pregnancy, and/or breastfeeding
  • How to schedule your nutrition around your current lifestyle

Compiling this information is part of our service to you and your fee includes the hours we spend researching your particular case in order to produce this very thorough and personalized product. Follow-up consultations are not necessary but are highly recommended. By keeping regular appointments, we can monitor your progress, adjust your treatment protocol, and continue to motivate you!

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Kilojoule Controlled Diet Plans

Diet plans by Well Empowered Nutrition are personalized and dual-option. They offer our clients a wider choice of foods by providing at least two options for every meal and snack. They are kilojoule and macro calculated according to age, sex, weight, and BMI. We design the product to suit your stated health, weight-loss, weight-gain, sports, or aesthetic goals.

Additionally, our diet plans cater to any specified tastes, allergies, intolerances, and dietary preferences (e.g. vegan/vegetarian). We will be sure to provide you only with options you’ll like and will be happy to eat. The fee even includes an optional free adjustment within 7 days of delivery to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Reasons you may wish to select this service include weight loss; muscle building; preparing for competition; preparing for a marathon; supporting an active lifestyle; meeting a dietary, performance, or aesthetic deadline; etc.

Upon your inquiry, we will send you our questionnaire so that we may specially tailor your plan to you.

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Fast Diet Analysis

If you have a very busy lifestyle or you’re simply a little curious about the quality of your diet, this option may be the quick and convenient solution for you.

All you need to do is let us know what you’ve been eating and drinking in a brief report. Your report will be analyzed and 3-5 simple changes will be recommended to you.

This service suits anyone with minimal health concerns and little nutrition knowledge. The greatest benefit is its simplicity, preventing client overwhelm. We understand that health is a journey and that for some this may be a gentler way to either a) begin, or b) gain some confidence on the way.

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Get More Energy

A dramatic lack of energy can in some cases indicate something more serious. It could indicate conditions such as adrenal exhaustion or insulin resistance and prediabetes. On the other hand, it could quite simply be poor sleep or an extreme physical lifestyle that is causing you to feel so tired! Regardless, a visit to Well Empowered Nutrition will not only give you greater peace of mind, but also some genuine answers. We discuss your current diet, lifestyle, medical history, and current medications and supplements – essentially investigating your case with intention to solve it! Your treatment may involve a combination of simple testing, supplements, and dietary and lifestyle recommendations. Book or inquire now.

Lose Weight

Weight loss can be quite complex. If you feel that you have tried everything but still have not gotten the results you would like, be assured that indeed you have not tried everything! There may be some underlying issues holding you back. Then again, this may be the very start of your weight-loss journey. No matter what your personal story is, Well Empowered Nutrition offers a supportive environment that is very human in its approach to weight-loss, but is at the same time scientific in its essence, assuring success. Book or inquire now.

Treat Illness

Chronic illness is exhausting physically and emotionally – not to mention stressful. There is so much that can be done nutritionally to assist those suffering with any kind of illness. Well Empowered Nutrition works together with your GP or specialist to carefully support your current treatment and avoid any medication contraindications. We are extraordinarily thorough and consider all factors before prescribing any changes (including current diet, lifestyle, and medical history, etc). We are completely client focussed and we work off your feedback to ensure you are always comfortable with the treatment prescribed. Book or inquire now.

Improve Mood

When discussing mood, we are also refencing mental health. Perhaps you just feel that you’re a little bit more moody than usual, or perhaps you’re just a little bit down. Perhaps you suffer from serious PMS or a condition such as anxiety, depression, ADHD or bi-polar. Food and mood have an astounding relationship, and we would love to share with you about how it works and the things that you can do nutritionally to improve your mood or deal better with your condition, no matter how simple or complex the issue is. Book or inquire now.

Curb Sugar Cravings

Sugar – or rather fructose – has been linked to many of the ‘big killers’ such as diabetes and heart disease. Therefore, managing your sugar intake is very important. Due to its addictive nature however, doing so is generally not an easy undertaking! Cutting fructose out of the diet or even simply reducing your consumption, often realistically involves further education about specific foods and a structured plan. Well Empowered Nutrition will show you how to implement this and the precise methods to reduce cravings, hence making the process abundantly easier. Book or inquire now.

Supplement Correctly

Main stream media is constantly marketing various nutritional products – usually taking prompts from the latest diet fads. It’s hard to know which ones are beneficial to you, which ones are truly necessary, and which ones can even do damage to your health! There is a difference between the assorted brands, and the chemical form of the nutrients and the way they are bound and encapsulated is all relevant to quality and absorbency. At Well Empowered Nutrition we have access to the best practitioner brands on the market available for you to purchase, and can recommend which ones are best suited to you. Book or inquire now.

Prepare for Pregnancy

Whether you are trying to become pregnant or are now, preparing and nurturing your body nutritionally is vital to the health of your baby. It can be quite overwhelming trying to filter through all the information online, not to mention all the advice you will surely get from friends and family! Come to Well Empowered Nutrition to find out what is right for your body. Again, we are mindful to work together with your GP or specialist to support you through this amazing and exciting time. Book or inquire now.

Eat to Support Your Active Lifestyle (Body Building, Marathon Running, AFL, etc)

You may be a quite active and fit person, but it’s possible that you can gain even better physical results by making changes to your diet. This kind of nutrition is not only aesthetically focussed, but also tackles your energy levels, strength, and recovery time. It’s often a case of simply needing more of or less of this or that. Everyone is different however, and it’s important to understand that a standard diet plan may not give you the best possible outcome. Well Empowered Nutrition will cater plans or basic recommendations (whatever it is you require), that are tailored specifically to your body and lifestyle, putting you at the top of your game. Book or inquire now.

Age Well

Over the age of 50 a person becomes more susceptible to various health conditions and illnesses. You might be concerned either for your own health or the health of an elderly member of your family (or friend), and would like to encourage them to book a nutrition consultation. Remember, Well Empowered Nutrition offers a mobile service and so can offer the convenience of visiting clients in their own homes. This is especially helpful in the case of an elderly person or anyone with poor mobility. Book or inquire now.

What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say

We love our clients and are fully dedicated to their good health and well-being with ongoing and outstanding support!

I visited Well Empowered to lose the baby weight I hadn’t been able to shift. I really liked their approach. My nutritionist took a wholistic view of my health and well-being, and tailored my eating plan to the foods I like eating. I needed fast, easy recipes that suit a busy working mum… and foods that my son and husband could eat too. The plan was easy to follow and combined with light exercise I lost weight really easily. I reached my goal weight and I have been able to maintain it. The best part is that I don’t feel hungry. I eat more regularly than I used to and I now know what foods to eat, and in the right quantities. I went from a size 12 to a size 8. I feel fantastic, my skin looks much better and I’ve got more energy.
Anne Schoo, Satisfied Client
I would recommend Well Empowered to anyone who wants to increase their well-being and/or lose some kilos. I found the service amazing, friendly, thorough, with attention to detail (such as allergies), and most of all great knowledge about everything nutrition. The encouragement from the staff is wonderful and they even provided me with recipes tailored to my needs. And the service is very reasonably priced. Ticks all of my boxes.
Christa Wood, Satisfied Client
Great results! Following the diet plan was good motivation and included foods that I like. I dropped 6.8 kg in my 8 week challenge in a healthy way rather than starving myself. This was the first time I lost weight without an eating disorder and I am so happy. I have learned how to use nutrition properly for my body so that I don’t get cravings. I will be incorporating lots of these strategies into my Daily life now including my protein intake, my fibre intake and my approach to eating out. It is worth it to try a meal plan. Also the support I received during the program was motivating and encouraging even when times were tough.
Radha Green, Satisfied Client



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